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HackMIT is a weekend-long event where thousands of students from around the world come together to work on cool software and/or hardware projects. As one of the largest undergraduate hackathons in the world, we typically bring in over 1000 students to MIT's campus each fall. This year, HackMIT is back to being fully in-person on MIT's campus during the weekend of October 1st. Students will be building, learning, and creating technology projects from scratch. Websites and mobile apps are common types of hacks, but you can build anything! Think outside the box : )







Justin Kan is an American web3 entrepreneur and investor. He is a cofounder of Fractal, a marketplace for gamers to discover, buy and sell durable game assets and NFTs. He’s also a General Partner at Goat Capital, a seed fund that backs entrepreneurs with over $100M in assets under management. Previously, Justin was a cofounder of Twitch, the internet live video streaming platform. In 2006, Justin launched the live video service Justin.tv, a company that started when he strapped a camera to his head and streamed his life to the internet 24/7. Over the next 8 years, through twists and turns, he and his cofounders turned the business into Twitch, ultimately selling to Amazon in 2014 for $970 million.
Lynn Davis graduated from MIT with a SB in Civil Engineering. She lived in Cambridge, MA and worked as a civil engineer for the US Government after graduation. She received an MBA and MPH from Columbia University and then worked at Bell Labs for 30 years. During the pandemic, Lynn started shooting cooking videos with her videographer son, Tim, and to their amazement, Cooking with Lynja, went viral and they have over 15M subscribers.
Amy Wibowo (MIT '06, M. Eng '08) is a creative technologist whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, Forbes, and Recode. Her art ranges from murals for local maker spaces, to sweaters made on a hacked knitting machine, to RFID jewelry. She is also the author and illustrator of Bubblesort Zines, a zine series making computer science topics more accessible to a general audience. Before starting her own creative technology studio, she was previously a Human Computer Interaction researcher at the University of Tokyo's Igarashi Lab and a robotics researcher working on ASIMO at Honda Research Institute in Wako-shi, Japan. While at MIT, she was passionate about teaching and mentoring, serving as an LA for the old 6.001 (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs) and a TA for 6.042 (Mathematics for Computer Science).
Vanessa Feliberti Bautista
Vanessa leads the Substrate Engineering team which fuels a simple, delightful and personal experience, assisting our customers to be the most productive across work and life; by helping them get started, get back to and get the most out of Microsoft 365. Substrate is Microsoft’s essential and intelligent productivity services platform to enable delightful, trustworthy, agile, and cost-effective experiences by delivering on Fundamentals, Compliance, and Intelligence. Alongside product impact, Vanessa builds diverse teams, drives adoption of inclusive behaviors, and creates programs to foster innovation and opportunities for talent in new ways.



What is a hackathon?

HackMIT is a weekend-long event where thousands of students from around the world come together to work on cool new software and/or hardware projects.

When is HackMIT?

HackMIT will be a 24 hour hackathon from October 1-2, 2022!

What’s the cost?

Admission is free and includes mentors, workshops, $wag, resources, and a memorable experience!

Where’s the schedule?

We'll release a more detailed schedule in the days before the event, but for now, know that check-in will begin at 8am on October 1st and the event will end around 4pm on October 2nd!

But I’ve never hacked before!

That's totally okay! We'll be hosting beginner workshops where you can start getting your hands dirty with all things hackathon. There will also be beginner prizes available!

I still have questions!

Please email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns : )


Can I attend?

If you are a college undergraduate or an MIT M.Eng student, then yes! Note that we consider student status during the 2022-2023 academic year, so new graduates are not eligible.
Want to help out with HackMIT 2022 but are no longer eligible? Apply here to be a mentor or a judge : )

When is the application deadline?

Registration will open in early July and close on August 12th. Click here to apply!

How do teams work?

Your team can have up to 4 people! You can select teammates when you register, and you can also form them during the actual event!

What if I don’t have a team?

Don't worry! We'll have team formation events at the beginning of the weekend geared towards helping you find people to work with.

What if I go to MIT?

All MIT students will need to submit an application. Incoming MIT freshmen will receive automatic admission, but still need to fill out an application to be guaranteed a spot!

Can I volunteer to judge or mentor?

If you're not a high schooler or college undergraduate, you are eligible to judge or mentor at HackMIT 2022!
You can find the application here to be a mentor or a judge.


What are hackathon tracks?

We've developed four tracks, or impact areas, for you to hack in. The top project in each track will be awarded a prize.

How will tracks and prizes work?

You will be able to submit your project to ONE track to be eligible for that track prize!

Do I have to submit a project if I attend?

You can attend all our events without submitting a project, but you must submit one to receive $wag!


Will HackMIT be fully in person this year?


What will I eat?

We’ll provide food for all meals from Saturday’s breakfast to Sunday’s lunch. If you have dietary restrictions, we’ll try our best to accommodate them. Of course, we’ll also have an abundance of snacks throughout the hacking period.

Where will I sleep?

Hacking all night is fun, but you can also get some rest when you need it! If you indicate in your confirmation form and you live outside the Boston area, we can match you with an MIT student who will provide places to sleep and shower.

How do I get there?

If you’re traveling more than 30 miles to MIT, we’ll reimburse your travel, as long as you upload your travel receipts upon confirming your attendance and submit a project before judging at the event. We reimburse up to $200 for all travel (domestic and international).